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September 18, 2008

I vowed to myself when I started this blog to try to update it at least two or three times a week, and even though this is an entirely arbitrary mandate and one for which there is no penalty, it’s one I feel compelled to uphold just so this entire project doesn’t fall by the wayside.

First, as promised, the link to my first story of the semester.

Again, nothing special, but it’s good to get my feet moving.

Also, an update on the two previously mentioned October E6 concerts:

-The October 18 show at the Brillobox in Pittsburgh is a go. A friend has offered to drive both ways, go to the show with me, and even offer me a place to stay for the night (he lives in Pittsburgh). I haven’t heard back yet about press passes, but tickets are only $10 apiece, and I’ve certainly paid a lot more to see a lot less. I’m still holding out hope for an interview or two, but I’d be satisfied with just a show at this juncture.

-The October 31 show (at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia) is now basically the opposite situation. Tickets and a potential interview have already been squared away, but the ride to and from Philly is still up in the air. Originally, one of the people joining me at the show had offered to drive, but this is no longer an option. Papa Clair said it was a “reasonable possibility” that he could pick us up from State College, but it still remains to be seen if we’ll need to take a Greyhound back. I have a profound hatred for Greyhound, but I’ll choose not to go into any further detail about that until it becomes a certainty that I have to use their services. I’d rather not think about it if I don’t have to.

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