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And we’re back

September 21, 2008

I made my radio debut yesterday, guesting on my roommate’s weekly radio show. He was sick and without either of his normal co-hosts, so I offered to help out.

Though there were probably only a few dozen total people listening (and even less so actively), it was a strange experience to know there were ears subjected to the whims of my musical tastes. Surely my audience last night was a fraction of what I’ve reached as a writer, but live radio is an entirely different animal. It’s like simultaneously being the kid controlling the iPod at a big party and being the only person anyone is talking to.

It’s a lot of pressure, even when there aren’t tons of people listening.

It sounds (and probably is) trite, but it gave me a new perspective on live performance. I realize helping DJ a two-hour radio show that reaches a handful of people pales in comparison to putting on an actual concert for hundreds or thousands of people, but I have a bit more appreciation for it now.

I need more of this peripheral sort of stuff, especially as interviews have been few and far between.

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