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Someone is waiting

September 22, 2008

Exciting times. Things are moving, although not all in the right direction.

I finally got an e-mail back today about the Holiday Surprise show happening in Pittsburgh. The (first) bad news is that they don’t think they’re doing any sort of guest list for journalists, but I don’t really have a problem paying $10 for a ticket. That’s a steal. The good (great) news is that there should be more than a few people willing to talk to me the day of the show, which means if I can get to Pittsburgh on October 18, the wheels will finally be in motion.

That “if” got a lot bigger today, though. Originally, as I’ve mentioned, a Pittsburgh native was going to drive me both ways, go to the show with me and let me crash at his house only 15-20 minutes from the venue. This was, of course, too perfect — this is the same weekend as the Penn State – Michigan football game, and his dad is a Michigan grad, meaning he’ll be coming to PSU for the weekend to watch the game.

I don’t really have a right to complain here. As I said, the situation seemed too perfect to start with, and in spite of what he says, my friend does not owe me anything. I’m grateful he even offered, and understand completely why it didn’t work out.

Instead of sulking about this reversal of fortunes, I’ve already begun looking for other options. For one thing, I was reminded that I know about a dozen people who go to the University of Pittsburgh, which Google Maps tells me is less than two miles from the concert venue.

So what I need now is a ride to and from the Steel City. It’s late already, but tomorrow I’m going to start searching. I’m willing to offer a ticket to the show and gas money to whomever is willing to come along, and I can probably find somewhere for the two of us to crash at UPitt. Basically, if someone is willing to drive, I can offer him or her a free couple days of fun in Pittsburgh.

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