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Getting better all the time

September 25, 2008

More good news.

A member of one of the more prominent (and still active) Elephant Six bands has relocated from Athens to, of all places, Philadelphia.

It’s a contact a little closer than Athens. I’ll be home (i.e. Bucks County) over Thanksgiving break, November 21-30. At some point over the break, I’ll meet up with this guy and talk some things out.

Second, there’s a good chance his band will be coming through State College early next year, which means even more interviews.

He’s made it clear that he’s only been involved with this band for about five years, but this brings up another important point: not everyone I talk to will have been in on the Elephant Six ground floor. This is actually part of the appeal.

The Elephant Six Recording Company began nearly two decades ago, but one of the most compelling elements of this story is how it has grown. What began as a fun project by four friends blossomed into a densely layered network of dozens of different bands and musicians. Perhaps those who were there from the start will have more to say, but even the most peripheral of players have something to offer.

How did they come across the Collective in the first place? How did they get involved? What differences were there between listening to these bands as a stranger and actively participating in the collaborative process?

In my attempt to be as thorough as possible with this project, I see no reason to exclude anyone at this point. Each and every person involved has a different perspective to offer, a different layer to add to the story. Texture is important.

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