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Back for the third time

October 2, 2008

Three posts in three days. I’m in a groove.

For the third time, I’d like to proclaim I’m back in the journalism game.

But this time I mean it.

Today, this story ran. This is a big deal for two completely opposite reasons.

The first is that it’s a music story, much like I’ve been writing for years. I wrote music stories for two and a half years before abruptly stopping this semester. Before this preview, I hadn’t written one in about three months, which is about as long as I’ve gone without since I began. So it was nice to shake the rust off and prove I could still do it

The second reason is that this story in particular was in a lot of ways unlike the stories I’ve been writing for the past few years. Because of the freedom I’ve been afforded with my new position (namely that I’m writing three-to-five stories a month as opposed to three-to-five each week, as I did in previous semesters), I was able to take a much more refined angle with this story (inasmuch as there was even an angle at all).

Concert previews often blend together, touching on the same main points (what the band sounds like, who their influences are, when their next album is coming out, etc.) in each. It gets dry quickly. Being forced to write so many so often forced me to start looking for specific angles, like the band that got huge in Japan before they made it in their home country, or the one about the Irish band that makes it a point to hit State College on every tour.

Now that I have more freedom though, I can pick and choose which stories I want to write, and I can investigate things more fully.

(On this note, look for my in-depth feature on the Wolf Parade concert coming to the State Theatre in November, but that’s all I’m saying on the matter for now.)

Anyway, I need to practice this sort of writing more, not because I’m particularly bad at it (in fact, some would say I’m damn good), but because I’d like to write an entire book, and you know, that takes a bit of talent.

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