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A rainy day in Athens

January 3, 2009

Not much to report yet.

We spent the afternoon exploring the downtown area, but because University of Georgia students are on break until the 8th (you know, the day after we leave), the town is kind of dead. Plus, the weather is miserable and the Falcons are playing today, so there’s nothing doing. A lot of restaurants (including Weaver D’s, the iconic, REM-lauded soul food joint) are closed, too.

Aside from the lack of people, it didn’t look a whole lot different than State College when class isn’t in session. It’s a little artsier and a bit more southern, but on the whole, it’s pretty similar. The campus and stadium reminded me of Penn State, too. I imagine most big state schools share the same kind of feel.

So why does Athens have a legendary music scene while State College has barely a scene at all? I suspect I’ll need more than an afternoon to figure this out.

Maybe tonight will yield some results. Tom and I are, after what I hope is a genuinely Southern dinner (assuming we can find something open), heading to the Flicker Bar to hopefully mingle with some of the local musicians and take in a show. I’ll try to take pictures.

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