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A slow day

January 5, 2009

I stopped by Wuxtry Records today to talk to John Fernandes (who works there) for a bit. It wasn’t nearly as big as I was expecting it to be, but it was a bit of a culture shock to be in a record store and see other people there. Business isn’t necessarily booming, but at least there’s a business at all, which is more than most in the music industry can say these days.

Our conversation was briefer than the one from last night, but he said he’d try to get in touch with some other locals to introduce me to later.

Unfortunately, he was unable to find anybody who was actually free, so there’s nothing doing tonight. But, as I’m wont to do in these sort of times, I’ve found some good.

First, there’s the fact that John was willing to makes some calls and actually call back. I have friends that wouldn’t do that. Close friends. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, musicians can be a flaky group of people in general, so to find someone like John Fernandes who is so willing to help me out is great and will likely prove to be a pretty important part of how this all comes together. Since I’m probably going to have to do a lot of my work from hundreds of miles away, having someone reliable in Athens is hugely beneficial.

Second, he said that while he was unable to find anyone tonight, he was confident he could find some folks to come out to the show at the Flicker Bar tomorrow, which I had planned on attending anyway as it’s being headlined by Madeline, an Athenian singer-songwriter who quite often employs Elephant Six musicians in her backing band. It should be the peak of my trip regardless.

Beyond that, I also have a rendezvous set up with two other E6 veterans tomorrow, so it has all the makings of a staunchly productive day.

(Fun fact: the plural of “rendezvous” is apparently “rendezvouses,” but such a construction is far too offensive to my sensibilities as speaker of both English and French (un peu), so don’t worry about ever seeing it again here.)

In other news, while on the way to Wuxtry, I went out of my way to drive past the two famous soul food restaurants in Athens, neither of which I had seen open yet. Weaver D’s remained closed, but Wilson’s had its sign illuminated. It was only 1:00, though, and I was alone, so I decided to wait until dinner so Tom could join me. Of course, when we went by around 5:30, we found out they only serve lunch and breakfast, so we had to settle for pizza.

It is imperative that I get fried chicken tomorrow.

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