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Maintaining momentum

January 8, 2009

My trip officially came to an end soon after midnight last night when I walked through my front door. Eleven and a half hours of travel (and only about ten and a half of actual driving) got me from Athens to Holland, and it felt like barely forty minutes. I’m still shocked as to how quick the travel seems. We got lucky again and didn’t see any traffic or rough weather or anything, but that long of a drive should take more of a toll than it did.

Before we left, we finally got lunch at Weaver D’s. For comparative purposes, I got the fried chicken, green beans and mac and cheese (the same platter I got at Wilson’s), and this time I was blown away. Wilson’s was good but not great; Weaver D’s was life-changing. I don’t expect to feel as good as that made meal made me feel until I’m holding my first born child in my arms.

While I won’t be able to get back to Athens until May at the absolute earliest (and, because I have no idea yet what I’m doing after graduation, I have no idea how feasible that is), I don’t want this to go on hiatus for that long. John Fernandes said he could put me in touch with more people between now and then (whenever “then” is), I have a few phone contacts of my own, and Elf Power will be coming through State College in a couple weeks, at which point I’ll meet a few of them. Their guitarist also lives in Philadelphia now, so I’m meeting up with him for a bit tomorrow.

Basically, I don’t need a necessarily rapid rate of progress for me to be content with this project. As long as I’m moving forward at all, no matter how slow, I’ll be happy.

My plan for each person I meet is roughly this:

-First, just talk. Not necessarily about the book, but that tends to be a point of commonality. It definitely warrants mention. Anyway, get to know him or her, and let him or her get to know me. Don’t force anything.
-Second, go into a bit more detail about the book. More importantly, ask for a bit of help — do they know anyone else who might be interested in talking to me, even for five minutes?
-Third, once a strong connection has been made, it’s time to start actual interviews and stuff.

I’ve gotten to the second portion with John Fernandes and should be there by the end of tomorrow with Jimmy Hughes, but beyond that I’m barely if at all at that first stage with anyone else. I have a lot of room for progress.

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