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January 17, 2009

Two items of mild interest, one mildly good, one mildly bad.

First, the bad:

The Music Tapes/Nana Grizol tour dates were announced the other day, and while they’re coming to Philadelphia in March, they’re playing on the 4th, two days before I can get home. And there isn’t much chance of me getting home in time for that, especially without a car up here (ironically, I’ll be bringing my car back to State College with me after spring break). Oh well.

The good:

As I’ve mentioned, Elf Power is playing in State College in about a week. The show was originally scheduled for Chronic Town, but a fire left the hookah lounge badly damaged by the water from the sprinklers, and the lounge is currently unfit for the show.

So it was moved to the Darkhorse Tavern, which is a bit of a bummer because it means the show has to be 21+ (which usually means a smaller, less interested crowd), according to a Facebook event invitation received last night.

The interesting thing (the “good”) is in one of the press photos uploaded to the event:

The bearded gentleman toward the middle of the photo is John Fernandes, of course. I don’t think he’ll be with Elf Power on this tour, but the guy is everywhere. When I hung out with him down in Athens, I asked him how many bands he played with. His response was “six or seven,” and that’s only current. I’m not sure what he’s done with Elf Power, but he’s apparently played with them enough to be eligible for one of their press photos (and to be the only one genuinely smiling in the picture).

I checked out the credits for Dark Developments (a joint effort from Vic Chestnutt and Elf Power and the record both Elf Power and headliner Chestnutt are supporting on this tour), the album I assume this photo is promoting as that’s where it’s filed on the Orange Twin website, but Fernandes’s name isn’t there.

According to the barely usable All Music Guide, Fernandes appears on 2006’s Back to the Web (on clarinet and violin), so I’m guessing that’s from when the picture comes. While perusing the credits for the Elf Power back catalogue, though, I saw a lot more Elephant 6 names than I had expected. The band has been around for just about as long as any other in the collective and features regularly some of the group’s mainstays, but most of their albums have enlisted more outside help (though still within the Elephant 6) than I had thought.

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