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Elf Power, indeed

January 27, 2009

I’m going to keep this somewhat brief, as I have to wake up in a few hours, but tonight was pretty damn productive (and more than a little fun), so I want to get some stuff down now. I’ll elaborate tomorrow.

Tonight was the big Elf Power/Vic Chestnutt show at the Darkhorse Tavern (I have a bit of a column about it tomorrow, but I digress), and it was every bit as good I expected. Chestnutt, who I had never really listened to, was a pleasant surprise, and Elf Power was absolutely terrific live. They have an energy that fully transcends what their records offer.

After the show, I talked a bit to the members of Elf Power, and it turns out I’m better at “networking” (though I don’t really want to call it that, but I suppose it’s what it is) than I thought. I spoke with the oft-mentioned Jimmy Hughes for a bit, re-introduced myself to Andrew Rieger, met in person for the first time Laura Carter and Eric Harris, and had a pretty nice conversation with Derek Almstead. Elf Power has become something of an Elephant Six All-Star team, so tonight was a big opportunity, and I think I capitalized.

Also of moderate interest, Jeff VanFossan, a man of many hats in State College, but in this instance the guy who booked the show (as well as the prior Elf Power date back in July) happened to be outside while I was talking to Jimmy, Eric and Derek and mentioned to them that I was the one who had made this and the other show possible by hooking him up with Jimmy.

(After I had interviewed Jimmy this summer, he asked me if I knew anyone in State College who could book Elf Power for an open date they had between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and I set him up with Jeff.)

Anyway, Jeff was very gracious (it was one of at least three or four times over the course of the night that he thanked me for my help) and he gave me a nice helping of ethos by mentioning that and my writing. Credibility is going to be damn important going forward with this project, and Jeff’s words were both encouraging and palpably helpful.

Bed time. More (including pictures) tomorrow.

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