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Awake from the dead

May 20, 2009

First, apologies to my faithful readers who haven’t seen an update in months and months. I know you all refresh this page hourly, and I’m sorry you haven’t been able to see anything new in a while.

Anyway, I’m back for two reasons: I graduated a few days ago, so I have more free time, and I finally have something worth reporting.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to Athens again (I’d like to get this whole “finding a job” thing taken care of first, even if that may preclude my travels), so for the time being I’m relying on E6ers coming through the Philadelphia area. There’s one tentatively going on in early July, but it’s not quite booked yet, so it would be a bad idea for me to go into any further detail just yet, but there’s also one definitely booked for June 14 at World Cafe Live.

Robert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine is Robert Schneider’s kids’ music project; that is, music for kids, not by his kids. The description on the site says it’s intended for kids 1-12, so I’m going to try to bring my 10-year-old sister Leah. She has her last soccer game of the season that same day, but I think I can convince her.

If I can, I’ll bring her to the show with me and try to find Robert after the show and introduce myself. If I can’t, I think I’d feel sort of odd hanging out as a lonely 22-year-old in a crowd of parents and children, so I’d try to set up something with Robert for after the show. I may do that anyway: it starts at 11:30, so I assume it will be over by 1:00 at the latest, and the man probably needs lunch, right?

One of the Elephant 6’s founding members, Robert is a guy I’ve been trying to get in touch with for quite some time. He’s supposedly an outgoing and friendly person, so making some sort of contact with him would be invaluable to this project (not to mention satisfy my inner fanboy).

More to come on this, obviously.

On an unrelated note, since I can only handle so much job-hunting each day, I’m also going to be teaching myself how to build a website and then, you know, building a website. This whole “personal branding” thing seems pretty important in making myself more marketable, which I figure is a valuable trait to have when looking for a job and/or pitching a book. Y’all will be made privy when the site is up and running.

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