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On the horizon

July 30, 2009

Sorry, as usual, for the hiatus. With a full-time job it’s hard not just to post but to have anything to post about re: the Elephant Six project. But amid this paucity, there is sometimes a glimmer.

A Hawk and a Hacksaw, the Balkan-sounding duo featuring former Neutral Milk Hotel drummer Jeremy Barnes, is heading out on tour. Of course, they won’t be stopping in Philadelphia, so if I want to see them (and to introduce myself to Mr. Barnes), I have two options: New York and Washington.

At this juncture (that is, more than a month and a half before the date of the show), I’m planning to go down to DC during the third weekend of September and see the band at the Rock & Roll Hotel on Sunday, September 20. I can conceivably drive home immediately after and steal a couple hours of sleep before work on Monday, but more likely I’ll see if I can take a personal day and just sleep over in Washington Sunday night.

More to come on this.

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