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Planting seeds

August 20, 2009

As I’ve mentioned before, this whole project isn’t really feasible unless I can find some way to live in Athens for an extended period of time. How this happens, exactly, is dependent upon a confluence of factors, many of which are either out of my control or completely unpredictable. That said, I do think about it often, and naturally I have ideas.

Barring a lottery win/bank error in my favor/successful if uncharacteristic bank heist, I’ll need means of income while in Athens for however long I’m there (I’m guessing a few months, but I don’t yet know). As I plan to get back into the journalism world after the book is written, I’d also like to keep my portfolio fresh; that is, I’ll need to keep writing while I’m there and, ideally, be published with some regularity.

Over the past few days, I’ve gotten some good news re: this.

In short, I’ve had pitches picked up by both Flagpole (Athens’s alt weekly) and Athens Blur (an Athens-based music magazine). Both of these gigs pay, and while neither pays enough to support myself entirely, a little supplemental income is always a good thing, and they’re both legitimate enough that being published in them will help my portfolio. Plus, who knows?: maybe a full-time position could open up at either of them.

It also looks like I’ll have a couple pitches picked up by PopMatters. While not paid, it could be the sort of exposure that gets some wheels turning in this whole “job search” machine. I feel like I’m breaking through, both in general relative to my career and in particular to this project.

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