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Why PopMatters matters

September 1, 2009

It’s a little more official that PopMatters will be running an essay I wrote. The first draft was about 1,000 words or so, but that was probably more of an extended pitch than an actual draft. Anyway, I just got it back from the features editor over there, and with the suggested edits (almost entirely “elaborate on this” and “clarify that”, i.e. nothing too substantive),  it will probably be closer to 1,500 or maybe even 2,000, which makes it among my longer pieces.

It’s also a bit of a different style than I’ve written before, at least relative to things I’ve had published. This piece, as you’ll see when it’s live, is something of a cultural critique, not wholly unlike some of the columns I wrote this past spring but more of a criticism sort of thing, as opposed to opinion.

Most importantly, though, PopMatters is a pretty big site, getting thousands of unique visitors every day. It wins awards and has a syndication deal with McClatchy-Tribune. In short, it’s legit. This sort of exposure will only help.

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