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Flagpole debut

September 2, 2009

My review of Circulatory System’s Signal Morning was published today in Flagpole, Athens’ alt-weekly.

It’s up on the site here for a week, and is permanently viewable here, on page 16.

As Flagpole is a fairly popular publication in Athens, I’m guessing there’s a pretty good chance some if not all of the band members read the review, not to mention a number of other E6ers. Some of them already know my name, but I had the review published with this disclaimer below my byline:

Adam Clair is currently working on a book about the history and influence of the Elephant Six Recording Company.

This review is the first time a lot of (and I’m guessing any of) these people will see my writing. If I want them to let me write a book about them, they’ll have to have faith in my abilities, so I’m really hoping they dig this.

I’d have written a positive review anyway (and was planning to do so for a different publication), but because of the circumstances (that is, the chance for these people to see how I write), I felt pressure to write an especially good review. That is, well written.

So hopefully they dig it.

Furthermore, this is the first time there’s been mention of my book idea in a public forum. I’m not expecting it to be big news anywhere, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it picked up by a blog somewhere or maybe mentioned on a message board. It will be interesting to see what this leads to.



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