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My ears are burning

September 8, 2009

I’m heading off to the Nesey Gallons / Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t / Circulatory System show at Kung Fu Necktie shortly, but I just came across something I felt the need to share. It’s a blurb from a New York Press feature story about Circulatory System, specifically on the topic of Will Cullen Hart’s battle with multiple sclerosis:

I was worried at first, afraid to broach the subject. It’s public knowledge now, I suppose, revealed by Hart’s bandmate, Jon Fernandes in an interview with a website late last year.

Though it’s not mentioned by name, those who have been paying attention will know exactly what interview and with what website that was, and they’ll know just who did that interview. It was me.

This isn’t an especially big deal, especially since the interview wasn’t cited explicitly (or fairly, really), but it made me feel sort of good. With the dearth of actual progress I’ve made on this project over the past year (and it’s been a solid year already), it’s nice to see I’ve actually done something that mattered already.


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