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Playing it close

September 16, 2009

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ll be seeing Jeremy Barnes’ A Hawk and a Hacksaw in DC, and that show is this weekend. Naturally, as the drummer for Neutral Milk Hotel (among a few other E6 projects), Barnes is someone I really want to talk to.

Unfortunately, the band’s web site lists no contact information, and I have no idea who, if anyone, does publicity for them. The only thing I could find was a contact form on AHAAH’s label’s site. As a brief aside: I hate these. Why not just list a general e-mail address? I never, ever feel like I’m going to get an answer when I fill one of these out, and too often I’m right. In this case, I sent one last week at some point and hadn’t heard back, so I sent one back today and got a short response that basically said “We’ll shoot Jeremy an e-mail to let him know you’ll be there and forward along any response, but he’ll probably be hanging out if you just want to approach him.”

Ultimately, I’m okay with this, although a little nervous. Finding people after the show on my own is usually how these meetings play out anyway, even if I’ve made direct contact with the musicians beforehand, but I like to at least have confirmation. In this case, I have to hope he’ll be milling about after the show. It’s the likely case, of course, that he’ll be working or at least hanging out near the merch table, but I’ll use just about any excuse I can find to worry needlessly.

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