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A Hawk and a Hacksaw, and a new contact

September 21, 2009

So I saw a Hack and a Hacksaw last night, and they put on quite the show (though the openers left a bit to be desired). Anyway, I can’t upload my pictures right now, so the review and images are still TK (although I was using a borrowed camera and the shutter speed was giving me fits, so don’t expect much from the latter).

As was considered probable earlier, I spoke with Jeremy Barnes after the show for a bit. He’s a unique contact as it pertains to this project insofar as he no longer lives anywhere near Athens (Santa Fe, New Mexico, to be precise), so unless I want to wait until I catch him when he’s touring again, he’ll likely need to be a phone interview. That said, it was still valuable to meet him in person; as I’ve mentioned before, phone interviews go a lot better from both sides when you’ve interacted in person prior. It gives it a much realer, more organic quality. You’re talking to a person and not just a voice.

Barnes isn’t the only one I’ll likely have to interview on the phone. In addition to him, there’s Robert Schneider (who is based in Lexington, Kentucky), Miles Kurosky (who I think lives in Colorado or Oregon or somewhere out west), and a whole bunch of others, any of whom are liable to tour at any time. While it will be important for me to go to Athens and do in-person interviews with a lot of the big players in this whole affair, I’ll need to talk to at least a handful through other means.

The brief conversation I had with Jeremy was a positive one. While he’s definitely loving what he’s doing with a Hawk and a Hacksaw (a fact obvious just from watching them play), it was clear he’s a bit wistful for the Elephant Six heyday, lamenting that it didn’t get a whole lot of coverage while it was happening. He also made it clear that while he and a lot of the others are still actively being creative, there was definitely a “unifying ideology” at some point that isn’t there anymore.

Overall, he seemed supportive of the book idea and genuinely interested in talking about it. I’m hoping to have a longer conversation with him sooner rather than later.

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