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Onward and southward

January 25, 2010

My time in Arlington/DC is just about up. In a few hours, I’ll be hauling down to Greensboro.

It was a fun weekend. I just wrote it was a “cathartic end” as well, but I immediately deleted it because, frankly, this isn’t the end of anything. Everything I have is either coming with me to Athens or will be there waiting for me when I’m done, wherever it is I end up.

Tuesday, when I arrive in Athens, will be a beginning, but that doesn’t mean anything that came before it has to end.

When one reflects on his life, in the past or present, he often breaks it into subsets of time, pre- or post-something or even during. For synaptic filing purposes, our lives are divided in chapters. Some of them overlap, but they exist independently of each other. Some event happened After I Learned to Drive” or Before I Read Infinite Jest or While I Was Dating Some Such Person.

About half a year ago, I closed an important chapter (When I Was in College) and opened the post-graduate portion. Now, I open a sub-chapter: the Elephant 6 Book portion.

It’s unclear what will be included in the full gestalt of this chapter. It will definitely have a Living in Athens part, but I can only hope it has parts like:

-Write a Great Book
-Get a Great Book Published and Sell a Whole Bunch of Copies
-Parlay Literary Celebrity into Some Sort of Viable Career

But we’ll see. Anyway, this chapter has obvious implications on some concurrent ones, but those others will continue to exist regardless. And that stability has already proved valuable as I navigate this otherwise ambiguous part of my life.

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