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Athenian privilege

February 3, 2010

Before tonight, I had seen the Fiery Furnaces live on three occasions: once in DC, once in State College and once in Philly. I was credentialed for the latter two (although paying for two tickets to the first one cancels one out). Anyway, a lot of the Fiery Furnaces show I got into tonight for free was old hat.

What makes the show I saw at the 40 Watt tonight different is that I ran into a whole bunch of E6ers there. That doesn’t happen in other cities, and that’s why I’m in Athens right now.

I’m also glad I made some contacts before I got here. Two of the people I saw tonight were people I had met before, which made it a lot easier to approach them (and subsequently to tag along to Flicker after the fact). I don’t know if I have the chutzpah to just walk up to someone and introduce myself, though I should probably work on that.

On a related note, those that I have had the balls to approach have all proven to be quite approachable. I’ve been here a week and have seen less friction than a ball bearing.

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