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February 7, 2010

The Flicker Bar seems like the place to be.

Though I couldn’t find anyone to join me, I headed to a show there tonight because there were no fewer than three E6ers on the bill tonight, each playing solo. I figured, at worst, I’d see a pretty good show for $5. To my luck, though, there were about a half dozen others there taking in the concert.

I still find myself unable to approach someone cold and introduce myself as Adam The Aspiring Elephant 6 Biographer, but tonight I didn’t need to, as I had a prior acquaintance there to introduce me. One day soon, though, I’ll need to sac up. I suppose I will when I need to, and until then, I’ll take the less creepy route. To date, this has been much easier than I expected, though I’ll readily concede that I haven’t accomplished anything tangible yet. I’d have guessed meeting people would be the toughest aspect of this whole endeavor, but while I still have a lot of people to meet yet, it hasn’t given me much concern.

I suspected I might have some trouble because these people can be so difficult to track down. Few of them check (or at least answer) their e-mail regularly, and even fewer of them have their e-mail addresses listed anywhere. They’re not much more reliable by phone. But I can still find them. I’m in Athens. A ton of them live in Athens. If I can’t find their contact info online somewhere, I know I can just go to a bar show and find them, in person, which is a whole lot better when I can get over my shyness.

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