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Post Update: “My ears are burning,” 9/8/09

February 8, 2010

As you’ll recall, I got pretty excited a few months ago to see an interview I did with John Fernandes referenced in another article. I even came to learn it was linked on Will Hart’s Wikipedia page as a citation.

I came to realize last night, however, that the link to that interview is now dead, and the piece cannot be found anywhere on the site. The editor I worked with when I wrote for this site is no longer there, and the guy who has taken his place has not been able to help me. So, long story short, it’s gone but for the raw .doc I have on my computer.

The more pragmatic of the people to whom I’ve explained my plans with this book have asked me why I don’t just publish a few magazine articles instead of, or at least in anticipation of, this book. I have a few different answers, but the biggest is that too much today, especially in the music world and especially in the journalism world, is ephemeral and disposable and forgotten, and in our amnesiac culture where everything new is showered with superlatives, I want to make something that has hope of lasting a little longer. This is another line on the chalkboard.

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