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More networking

February 15, 2010

Musicians in general tend to be flaky people. Elephant 6ers in particular are especially tough to corral sometimes. Only a few of them check their e-mail even a few times a month, and there are a bunch that don’t even bother with telephones. So sometimes I have to go to the bars they hang out at and find them there. Or, if I know where they work, I go hunt them down there. I don’t especially enjoy accosting people in such a way, and I haven’t the chutzpah to do it any other part of my life, but here I consider it part of my job.

On a similar note, these aren’t the sort of people who have listed phone numbers or published e-mail addresses or even publicists who relay messages. I have to find a lot of them the old-fashioned way: by having people I’ve already met put me in touch. At this point, I’ve made some sort of contact — be it an e-mailed reply or a few hours in their home — with about two dozen variously involved people, and I plan to get in touch with at least a dozen more. And I’ve only been here a few weeks.

On the other hand, while I’ve just gotten started, I’m only here for another five months or so, and if I’m looking to meet with 30 or 40 people several times each, I need to pick up the pace in the very near future. The progress I’ve made to this point is encouraging, but I’m in no position to rest on my laurels.

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