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Throwback Thursday, VI

February 25, 2010

While researching this book, I pore over as many relevant articles as I can.
Every Thursday, I’ll highlight one of the good ones.

This week’s Throwback is a scan of an article from from a magazine that no longer exists and doesn’t have a web site. Someone posted it on E6 Townhall, the Elephant 6 fan forum, a few years ago, and it stood out to me even then. E6 Townhall tends to be pretty useless — like most message boards, the majority of it is a combination of snobbish posturing, hateful bickering and complete non sequitur — but given the paucity of information that exists re: Elephant 6, sometimes it’s a helpful resource. This is one of those occasions.

The first reason for posting this is that it’s a fantastic interview with Will Hart and Bill Doss, two of the “founders” of the Elephant 6 Recording Company and a couple of the masterminds behind the Olivia Tremor Control. It’s about as comprehensive as you’ll find on things like their creative process and the collective nature of the Elephant 6, and it’s certainly not short on geekery.

Another important thing to note is that this interview is only about 10 years old. But if it weren’t for some thoughtful chap I don’t know, I likely never would have seen it. This is probably my biggest challenge when it comes to research: there hasn’t been much written about these guys anyway, and what’s been written will be tough to find, as so much great stuff (like this) was printed in defunct magazines and the like. The ephemera of print media.

Of course, I’m mostly using these secondary sources for interview prep, and the bulk of my information is going to come from the interviews that I’ll actually conduct myself. But for background, pieces like this are a goldmine.

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