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Checking back in

March 8, 2010

After a few days of silence and a complete hiatus from all things E6, I have a few items of interest to run through:

  • In an off-the-record meeting this afternoon, I was told that some people might be skeptical about my project because there have been several times in the past when people have tried to write books about the Elephant 6 only to abandon the project and disappear completely. It’s just one more hurdle for me to convince everyone here that I’m legit, so I’m not especially worried about that element of it. I will say that I wanted to write this book in the first place partially because of how little has been written about it, but I had never known it wasn’t because people had tried.
  • I need to be a little less negative when I don’t have a full week planned out ahead of time. I wrote my last post because, with nothing immediately scheduled, I figured it would be a while before I had anything else going on. What I need to realize is, here, few things are planned out weeks or even days in advance. They just happen. Today, for example, I shot someone an e-mail, assuming he’d take a few days to respond, and it would be a week at least before we were able to meet up. Instead, we hung out this afternoon. This kind of attitude has pretty obviously held some of these guys back from bigger and/or better things, but it’s also helped them get where they are today. And it’s certainly charming.
  • Last, I missed last week’s Throwback Thursday. I had an interview that ended up taking most of the afternoon, and then I had to split for Atlanta soon after to pick up my girlfriend from the airport. That said, I would have had time to do it if I had planned it ahead. I won’t miss it this week.
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