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Throwback Thursday, VII

March 11, 2010

While researching this book, I pore over as many relevant articles as I can.
Every Thursday, I’ll highlight one of the good ones.

To make up for last week’s omission, I’ve got a pretty great Throwback Thursday here today. Below, you can find the original Elephant 6 Recording Company catalog. When the collective first got going in 1993, they would mail these to people who had bought their music (in the same parcel as the 7″ or cassette they’d have ordered) and to labels and and people they thought might be interested. The artwork is by Will Hart and the text is by Robert Schneider. This, friends, is about as far as we can throw it back. Big thanks to Robert for providing me with these scans.

It’s a glimpse into the E6’s humble beginnings as a group of friends making music and letting the whole thing grow organically. Early on, these bands made each other. When one would do an interview, he’d be sure to mention someone else, and in that way they all grew together. Here, when one sold a recording, whoever bought it would be turned on to some like-minded musicians. Friends helping friends. Enjoy.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

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