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Circulatory System redux

March 12, 2010

As you’ll recall, I caught Circulatory System last fall on its tour supporting Signal Morning. Last night, I caught the band again, albeit with a modified lineup. This time around, it was (from left to right, in the picture above) Bill Doss on guitar, Pete Erchick on bass, Will Hart on guitar and vocals, John Fernandes (obscured behind Will) on violin and bass clarinet, Derek Almstead on guitar, and Chase Prince (drummer for Athens band Spring Tigers and Will’s roommate) on most of a drum kit.

The performance headlined a fundraiser for multiple sclerosis at Little Kings Shuffle Club. In addition to Circulatory System, Bob Hay (performing as A Che Why, pronounced in a way that spells his last name: H-A-Y) and Scott Spillane performed. Scott’s performance was imprecise (he had to abandon a couple songs when he couldn’t remember how they ended) but loud and distorted and most of all heartfelt enough that it didn’t seem to matter.

Without much rehearsal time (as of the day before, the lineup was expected to be only Will, John and Pete), the band relied on improvisation more than precision, playing an abbreviated but jam-heavy set of only three songs that combined lasted about 40 minutes. For something slapped together so quickly, it was pretty impressive.

More than just the show, though, last night was a big night for me. I got to meet two more Elephant 6 guys I hadn’t met before and rub elbows with a dozen or so I had already met. The crowd was by no means huge (definitely less than 100 and probably closer to 60 or 70), but there were plenty of Elephant 6 people in the audience. The pictures aren’t anything amazing, but because my flash actually worked properly in this bar, some of them came out alright.

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