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Throwback Thursday, VIII

March 18, 2010

While researching this book, I pore over as many relevant articles as I can.
Every Thursday, I’ll highlight one of the good ones.

This week’s Throwback isn’t an article and isn’t even written: it’s a recording from the Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour’s Chicago date in 2008. I’ve posted about this before (here and here), but it seems apt to mention it again now.

First, it’s still great. Though I was at the show in Pittsburgh (which had a slightly different cast and set list), this one still elicits all the great memories I have from that show. I said immediately after that it was one of the best concerts I had ever seen, and that sentiment hasn’t worn off. I imagine it’s worth hearing for even those who weren’t at any of the shows.

Second, it will likely happen again this fall. It’s pretty formless as of now and, as with everything these guys do, stands a decent chance of falling through, but the point is: wherever I end up post-Athens, I’ll have another chance to see these guys again soon after. And so will a lot of others.

What this emphasizes is a point I made in my review of the Pittsburgh show:

Though it’s been a criminally long while since we’ve seen proper releases from many of the Elephant Six Recording Company’s most celebrated bands, Saturday night’s show in Pittsburgh proved that there’s no need to speak about the Athens collective in the past tense.

The most I can say right now is there’s a lot more to come. The Elephant 6 as a whole is more active than many, including those within the collective, give it credit for.

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