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A day at a time

March 31, 2010

As previously mentioned, I was supposed to have my first interview today, scheduled to be with Will Hart at his house. There’s a reason I hedged the statement with qualifiers like “possibly.”

I arrived at Will’s at the scheduled 3 pm to find the doors locked and the lights dimmed. There was a car in the driveway, but some stalkerly peering through the French doors in back showed no evidence of activity. I sat down on the back porch to wait, getting up every few minutes to knock on the door or toss some sticks at the upstairs window.

As the saying goes, though, when one door closes, another opens. After about fifteen minutes, Bill Doss, Will’s once and future bandmate, showed up, planning to pop in and hang out with Will. He had no way of getting in either, and calls inside were unanswered.

So Bill and I sat on the back porch for a while. Having only met Bill once, and briefly, I did not want to do an on-the-record interview with him yet, so we just chatted. Eventually, Will joined us (he had been sleeping) and the three of us hung out for an hour or two, when Will went back to sleep and Bill left to run some errands.

I left without an interview, but I made the connection with Bill, which means I might meet with him again before he heads out on tour with the Apples in Stereo and should be ready to interview him for real soon after he returns. As someone who has been around since the very beginning, Bill’s a pretty important person to talk to.

As for the interview with Will, it’s basically been pushed back to next week for now, and I’ve got a bunch more scheduled between now and then. Small minus, big plus.

Painting: “through our oars and silken eggs” by Will Cullen Hart


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