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Phase 2: In Progress

April 6, 2010

After an early hiccup, the “start interviewing Elephant 6 people” stage of this project is moving along swimmingly.

John Fernandes was the first Elephant 6 person I ever talked to, the first I met in Athens, and now, he’s the first I interviewed on the record. We sat on a porch swing in his backyard and talked for an hour or so, when he had to go pick up his kids from school. John grew up in Ruston with the rest of the gang (Robert, Will, Bill, Jeff, et al) and, eventually, followed them to Athens.

The next day, I talked to Jim McIntyre, who met Robert Schneider in Denver and was an early member of the Apples in Stereo (when they were still just “the Apples”). Jim and I spoke on the phone (he lives in Birmingham, Alabama, now), but he was no less helpful: specifically, our hour of conversation shed a lot of light on the Denver contingent of the Elephant 6, a world that doesn’t get as much notice as the Athens one, especially in Athens.

Sunday night, I spoke with Julian Koster for roughly three hours, sitting outside in 10-foot lifeguard chairs for most of the time. Given how much more time I spent with him, it’s only natural that this conversation offered the deepest perspective.

Now that I’ve taken this step, the challenge is to keep my feet moving. I plan to have more interviews in the coming week than I did in the week prior, and I definitely want to keep regular contact with the aforementioned three.

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