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April 20, 2010

So here’s why I haven’t posted in a while.

Last Thursday, I flew to DC, expecting to stay the weekend, visiting my girlfriend. On Sunday, we were going to go the Apples in Stereo show at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

Sunday afternoon, however, while crossing the street in front of the Department of Labor, I was struck by an SUV. I spent the next few hours in a hospital, where doctors determined I had an avulsion fracture in my ankle and put my entire lower right leg in a splint. I tried to go to the Apples show, but I quickly discovered my state was not conducive to a rock show. The next day, instead of flying to Atlanta, my girlfriend drove me back to Pennsylvania, where I currently am blogging from my old, barely working laptop (my working laptop is in Athens, along with all of my other stuff).

I saw an orthopedist this morning, but he was unwilling to speculate how long I’ll be in Bucks County. I will be getting an MRI on my ankle tomorrow morning, followed by another appointment with the orthopedist on Thursday afternoon. By then, it should be clear whether it’ll be another week before I can go back to Georgia (which would suck) or a few months (which might be enough to kill this project entirely).

Expect an update on my condition in a couple days. Updates on the project may or may not follow.

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  1. maria. permalink
    April 20, 2010 9:10 PM

    yikes! i hope you’re on the mend, fast. would you really have to scrap the whole project if you are out of commission for a few months? i know you took time to go down there to do your interviews and all, so if that’s the case, that really sucks. i’m sorry and i hope things work out for the best!

    best wishes for a speedy recovery from maine!


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