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Making the best of it

April 26, 2010

As mentioned, I’ll be laid up for the next few weeks in Pennsylvania, hundreds of miles away from Athens. This means, of course, that it’ll be a little while before I can get back to interviewing people (right about the time Circulatory System and Of Montreal ship out for their tours, naturally).

But I don’t want to just waste this time. I overnighted my bedroom key to my roommate in Athens, who will be able to mail me some things, namely my laptop. Assuming FedEx does what it’s supposed to (an assumption I’m always hesitant to make), my computer will be here later this week, at which point I’ll be able to transcribe the interviews I’ve done and do some writing. My voice recorder will also be on its way, which means I can do some phone interviews. If I’m just going to be sitting around (and despite my walking brace, that’s about all I can do for a while), I might as well be productive.

In the meantime, I’m giving the Aeroplane book another round of annotation, this time more closely. In concert with an itemized list of inaccuracies I received from someone quoted (and perhaps misquoted), this book will serve as a good framework from which to draw questions for future interviews, even if it’s too dubious and contested to quote from directly.

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