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A modicum of good news

May 4, 2010

Being stuck in Pennsylvania has been especially stressful because I didn’t think I could make up the time I was missing. That is, I figured I’d be done in Athens at the end of July, and the time I’m missing while up north was gone for good.

This, it turns out, is not necessarily the case.

I had given myself a July deadline for two reasons: on the last day of the month, both my lease and the PA state inspection stickers on my car expire.

The lease issue is not a big one. If I need to remain in Athens for an additional month or two, a room or at least a sofa shouldn’t be too hard to find.

The car thing seemed like a bigger deal. My options seemed to be either change my registration and driver’s license to Georgia and get my car inspected down there (which would cost a lot of money) or drive back up to Pennsylvania to get it inspected and then drive back down again, which aside from costing a lot of time and money, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when the point of the inspection is to keep emissions down and the drive would be about 1,600 miles round trip.

So I e-mailed PennDOT today with my predicament and learned that, as long as I can demonstrate the car was outside of Pennsylvania for 30 continuous days prior, I have 10 days upon my return to the state to get it inspected without penalty. It seems like some receipts for rent, gas, etc. in Georgia will do the trick. I no longer have an external deadline, though I don’t think I’ll need to stay in Athens for more than a few months past July.

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