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Keeping busy

May 19, 2010

I’ve now been back in Georgia for a few days, and I’m only now starting to get back into the swing of things. As I’ve lamented many times already, things here can’t be scheduled too far in advance, but one has to start planning them far in advance, to allow for several days of phone tag and unanswered e-mails before anything happens. It doesn’t help that, within barely a week of my return, no fewer than three of the Elephant 6’s active bands head out on various tours.

I do have a few things on the horizon, like an interview with Derek Almstead this weekend and digging through Will Hart’s archive of photographs and posters (and, I’m sure, all sorts of other stuff) tomorrow. But it’s frustrating to finally be back in Athens and not have much to do here other than tomorrow’s court date for a traffic ticket I got before I left.

So in the meantime, I’m catching up on other things (like replacing all the food that spoiled in my absence and retrieving and sorting the mail, which my roommate somehow neglected to do for seemingly the entire time I was gone) and doing what I can relative to the book, like transcribing interviews and doing phone interviews with out-of-towners and peripherals.

The salt in the wound is that this means I spend most of my time in my apartment, and it’s absolutely beautiful outside. I forced myself to go downtown for a bit this afternoon, and the weather is legitimately perfect. The sky is clear with just enough cloud cover that the sun isn’t abrasive, and the temperature is such that it’s just hot enough to tell you you’re outside with a sporadic breeze that tilts it equidistant to the cooler side of “weatherless.” Late spring in Athens is terrific: the plants bloom like slow-motion fireworks, and with most of the college students gone for summer break, the town is even more tranquil than before.

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