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When it rains, it pours

June 16, 2010


It rained pretty heavily last night, which would have been good if a) it cut through the humidity at all or b) I had remembered to close my car windows. But it still sucks outside, and I’ve taken to cracking my windows to keep the car from getting too hot and completely forgot to close them in anticipation of the weather.

And figuratively:

I’ve had nothing to do the past few days (which means I’ve transcribed and done not much else), but I might have as many as five interviews tomorrow. I’ve got an afternoon meeting at a bar (which may end up involving two people) and an evening phoner (which also may end up involving two people), and then another phoner on top of that which still needs to be confirmed. All five of these people have E6 ties, and two of them have been there since the very beginning. Expect an update tomorrow.

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