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Monthly Inventory, June

June 30, 2010

June went by fast.

I did a few interviews, made a few contacts (some to be interviewed and others to help me get this published when the time comes), and did some transcribing. Still, it seems like I have more momentum than I did a month ago. The worrisome part is that I only have, at most, two months left to work on this the way I have been.

At the end of August — if not sooner — I’m heading back up north, most likely to Philadelphia in the short term though I’m hoping to end up in DC eventually. So, at most, I have another two months to work down here. This is where the momentum comes in.

If I continue at the pace I’m currently at, I will  be unsatisfied. Only by amping up my workload (which is to say, more interviews) will I be able to leave Athens content. By no means do I expect to be done when I leave — at the very least, I’ll need to fill holes here and there with some quick phone calls — but I want a lot more than I have right now. At present, I’ve conducted more than 30 interviews and transcribed about 10, which has translated to about 37,000 words in total (which equates to roughly 74 pages in print, though obviously the words I do have will be pared and fluffed). So it’s not like I’ve gotten nothing done. I just want a lot more.

Of course, building this momentum is largely outside of my control. It depends not only on the availability of my subjects but as well their willingness to talk to me and their expedience in returning phone calls, text messages and e-mails. My own aggressiveness and resourcefulness counts for only so much.

On that note, I have probably resolved my worry about finding somewhere to live for the month of August, after my lease runs out at the end of July. I’ll have more to say on this later, but for now let me just mention that it’s in a much better location for my needs.

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