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Show Review: The Late BP Helium at the Caledonia Lounge

July 2, 2010

I’m heading out in a bit to do an interview with Bryan Poole, guitarist currently for Of Montreal and in the past for Elf Power, which makes for a good time to mention the show I saw last night, a rare performance by Poole’s band the Late BP Helium.

I’ve known for a while that Poole is a great voice mimic, hearing him sing harmonies at Of Montreal shows in a timbre identical to lead singer Kevin Barnes. I had also heard (in an interview a few weeks ago with Jamey Huggins) that he had a Wings cover band and that he did a wicked McCartney impersonation. After seeing his band cover “Jet” last night, I can vouch for this claim. Dude is a pro.

The rest of the set (which also included an Elf Power cover) was excellent as well. Lots of sax (not pictured), lots of noise, and lots of shredding.

The show, which was well attended, also gave me a chance to finally set up an interview with Poole (as well as with at least one or two others, but I’ll have more on those later).

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