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The calm before the storm

July 16, 2010

I have had friends visiting from out of town the last few days, which is why I haven’t posted anything since last week. You can expect another few days without news, as I’ll be spending the weekend camping in the mountains of North Carolina. When I return on Monday, though, get your popcorn ready.

As of then, I will have exactly six weeks left in Athens. I expect to return at some point, but I don’t yet know when that is, and I need to exhaust every possible opportunity I have while here. This is the home stretch I’ve been building to since January. It’s time to cash in every favor, exploit every promise, and take advantage of every “If you ever need…” My usual “I’ll be in Athens for a while, so whenever is good for you” will be replaced by “I’m only here for a little longer, so let’s make this happen.”

Mostly, this means a battery of interviews. I need to finally pin down everyone I haven’t yet gotten for an interview, and I need to re-wrangle all the people I have interviewed for a follow-up. Believe it or not, there are still a bunch of people I need to contact with for the first time.

Also, the middle of August is Popfest, a big music festival whose lineup boasts a ton of variably Elephant 6-related acts, including a few from out of town. A lot of people will be too busy to talk to me, but a bunch of them will be available in person when even a phoner is elusive otherwise.

My time in Athens until now has been productive but in many ways stress-free. I have no real deadline for this book on the whole, but with the end of August looming, I feel external pressure for the first time. I hope that’s enough to keep the whip cracking.

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  1. t_d permalink
    January 27, 2011 4:11 AM

    thanks again for having me down. now maybe DC?

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