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All moved in.

July 31, 2010

I’ll take a ton of pictures later (probably tomorrow), but for now, this Circulatory System press photo, taken inside the Landfill, will have to do. Deal with it.

Anyway, the move went swimmingly (for me; I can’t say the same about my roommate of the past half year, who despite leaving me to clean the whole place still couldn’t get himself out by the noon deadline), and I’m settling into my next home. I feel like a really hip foster kid.

I can walk to downtown, my room is the coldest in the house, there’s an adorable kitten (pics to come, I’m sure), and my bandwidth, despite sharing a modem with several other computers, is a full 10-20 times better than it was at my last place, which is good news. Those afear’d of me spending too much time at my computer as a result needn’t worry; because it’s still not wireless, my laptop is tethered into my bedroom, and all the fun goes on downstairs. Despite the improved connectivity, I’ll be spending drastically less time in front of my computer.

That’s probably what I’m most excited about: roommates. I’m obviously elated for book reasons to be living with one of my primary subjects, but just sharing a space with human beings who will interact with me (beyond the few times a month when our paths cross in the kitchen) is a luxury compared to my last arrangement.

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