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Semi-Monthly Inventory: September and October

October 30, 2010

So I haven’t posted in a while. I haven’t had any one thing worth posting about, plus I’ve been obscenely busy, but this seems like a good time for a general update on where things are.

I’m in DC now. I found a room in a rowhouse with two guys a few years older than I am. I work as a web editor for GW University. Book-wise, I’m trying to transcribe as much as possible, but I rarely get home from work before 6:45 and I’ve had to run to Target probably five times a week since I got here at the beginning of October, so I haven’t had a ton of time. Still, I’m making some progress.

Day-to-day, this is my main goal: keep transcribing. I expect to have interviews here and there and meet up with people as they pass through, but mostly I’m working through what I already have.

Going forward, because of the tuition remission I get from my job, I’m going to be applying for GW’s English program to pursue an M.A. I need at least a few pages of this book done to use as a writing sample for my application, but there’s also a chance I can just turn this whole project into a thesis. I’m hoping to have transcription almost completely done by the time classes start next fall (assuming, perhaps ambitiously, that I get in) and have the manuscript done as quickly as possible thereafter. Three years from now, if all goes well, I could have a Master in English and a published book.

Finally, while I haven’t been in DC long enough to have any strong feelings about this city one way or another, I’ve been away from Athens long enough to miss the hell out of it. It feels silly to feel nostalgic for a somewhere I inhabited for only half a year and until as recently as a couple months ago, but more than the food, the music or the general atmosphere, I find myself missing the people there–those relevant to this project and otherwise–more than anything.

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