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An arbitrary benchmark

May 4, 2011

I finished transcribing all of the interviews I’ve conducted with Elephant 6 musicians to this point. Former Apple Chris Parfitt has the honor of being that interviewee.

This doesn’t mean much. I still have a handful of interviews with peripheral folks to sift through, and I’m planning to do a lot more interviews with peripherals and core E6ers alike. I’m definitely past the halfway point, but I have no idea how far past it I am.

Still, it’s a nice little feeling of accomplishment. In the six separate Word documents I’m compiling different sorts of writing (from transcription to manuscript composition to quick little notes to myself), I’ve got about 235,000 words, which translates to about 470 pages were I to publish it raw (as I’ve mentioned before and as should be obvious, this is not something I’m going to do). These numbers also indicate very little other than I still have a lot of work to do, both in adding to that and eventually paring it down.

I guess the takeaway here is twofold. What once felt daunting—transcribing this mountain of interviews I had accumulated—now seems doable. But what once felt pretty much automatic—the eventual parsing of all this content, followed by outlining, composition and everything else that goes into an actual draft—is now looming just over the horizon and no longer seems so easy a task.

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