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September 21, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before, this is an exciting but confusing time for me relative to this project. If my fun, carefree time spent cavorting about Athens was this book’s childhood, it’s now firmly entrenched in the awkward milieu of puberty.

The main reason is that, for a while, even though all these E6 guys are still doing things, the narrative that will form the backbone of this book seemed like it was in the past tense. But not anymore. The Olivia Tremor Control and Jeff Mangum—the two entities whose respective hiatuses were most responsible for the perception that the collective was in a bit of a lull—are currently on tour. Though neither has a date scheduled for DC, both are playing in places proximal enough for me to check them out.

The first is the Olivias, who will be playing in a building on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus this Friday. My plan for that one is to head up to Philly Thursday night, check out the show Friday night, and then come back to DC on Saturday, as I’ve had plans to camp out at the National Zoo* that night since before this tour was announced.

Then, after work on Monday, I’m heading up to Baltimore to see Mangum play in an old church. He’s playing Tuesday night in the same venue, so I’ll be crashing with a friend and seeing that show, too.

At this point, I don’t have much to report other than idle pre-show giddiness, but I haven’t posted in over a month and so the threshold for noteworthy content is low. In all likelihood, I’ll have a lot more to report next week.

*I concede this isn’t even remotely relevant to this blog, but I’m pretty fucking stoked about it. Sleeping at the zoo! Hanging out with pandas!


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