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Athens (and maybe Lexington) approaches

February 14, 2012

So. I’m just a few days from my trans-Southern road trip, and I don’t even have my itinerary fully set. I know I’ll be leaving DC on Saturday morning (and getting to Athens about 10 hours later), but at this point, I’m either spending the whole week down there (with a day or two in Atlanta) or splitting my time between Athens and Lexington. I should know in a few hours (the operative word there being should).

Also, as expected, I have no interviews set in stone right now. Zero. A less seasoned E6 biographer (e.g. me, as recently as a couple years ago) might be nervous about that. And while I’ve at least talked to a few folks down there about my visit, there’s a not insignificant chance that I come back to DC without a single minute of recorded interview. More likely, though, I’ll have a few hours to transcribe upon my return.

Coming from DC (which is a sump of seriousness, artifice and naked careerism), Athens is quite the culture shock, but the laid-back ambition down there is much more my speed. I’ve been in DC for almost a year and a half now (after spending only six or seven months in Athens), but I think I’m still of a more Athenian mindset. And when in Athens, do as the Athenians do.

A few years ago, I’d be pulling my hair out right now, anxious about the upcoming week. And I know if I just go down with the mindset of “This is a vacation, so I’ll just hang out, see some shows and eat delicious food for a while, and if I get some interviews, that’s a bonus,” then odds are I just won’t get any interviews (plus who the hell thinks like that?).

There’s a balance to be struck there. Or perhaps an inherent contradiction. Whatever. I contain multitudes and all that. I also contain a ton of neuroses, which I guess is part of the reason I’m working this out via this blog post as opposed to just muscling through it. Anyway, my point is this: I’m in control of this stuff to a certain extent only. Most of it is out of my hands and dependent on the schedules, desires and general flakiness of other people. Hectoring and badgering don’t work, and getting antsy doesn’t, either. I just have to do what I can (i.e. go down to Athens and let people know I’m going to be there) and leave the rest to the great gods of music journalism. But those fuckers kind of owe me by now.

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