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Moving, again

May 6, 2013

By now, you’ve probably already heard about the Neutral Milk Hotel reunion. The band has announced shows in Athens, Asheville, Taipei and Tokyo, with plenty more to come.

If you’ll recall, I gave myself a soft deadline a few months ago, and I coyly picked the end of next summer as the point by which I’d like to have a finished first draft. I couldn’t disclose it at the time, but the reason I picked that deadline was precisely because of this announcement. When writing about musicians who are mostly still active, it’s hard to find an endpoint, but I’ve been looking for a conclusion since I started researching this project, and a Neutral Milk Hotel reunion seemed as good as any.

Of course, now that that news is public, I have to also mention that I’m way off schedule to hit that deadline. I had been writing at a pretty good pace, but a few months ago, I began looking for a new job, and a big chunk of my free time was diverted toward finding open positions, sending off cover letters and resumes, and interviewing. That I was in DC and looking for jobs in Philadelphia made it a little more arduous. But eventually, I got an offer, and I’ve since spent the last few weeks finishing up at my old job and preparing for the new one (not to mention handling little details like finding a car and somewhere to live, both of which are still works in progress). What little time I’ve had for writing these past few months, I’ve spent it working on a 4,000-word feature about the Music Tapes’ Traveling Imaginary tour, which should be running in Shindig! magazine soon (It’s print-only, but I’ll try to find a way to post it here).

But I’m back in Philadelphia, I start the new job in about a week, and I should be settled here soon after that. I have a few other magazine pieces I’d like to write, but I haven’t even sent out pitches for those yet, and at any rate, this book needs to be a priority. I don’t know if I’ll hit that late fall deadline—I probably won’t—but I can still try.

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