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Up and Running

February 24, 2016

I’m starting to get busy. I’ve conducted five interviews in the past five days, and though I don’t have any scheduled for today, I’m looking at a similar pace for the coming few weeks, at least. I’ve also started a part-time job and have been ramping up my hours there, and I’m taking on some new freelance gigs as well.

It’s a little tricky to juggle—neither my interview subjects nor my new boss like scheduling things too far in advance, and both are prone to last-minute calendar adjustments—but it’s been manageable so far. It’s also had a few positives:

  1. Momentum. I feel like I’m making progress, which makes me feel good, and feeling good makes it easier to continue that progress.
  2. Efficiency. This is kind of similar to momentum, but when I look at my day and see only small blocks of free time, it’s easier for me to put those blocks of time to productive use. The structure keeps me on task. When I have a totally open day and only abstract tasks to work on, it’s harder to get organized or even begin.
  3. Diet. Being more thoughtful with my time means eating at home more often and planning out a lot of those meals ahead of time. This is good news for my wallet and bad news for the plaque lining my arteries. Summer bodies are made in winter.

I’m still looking at a month or two more for interviews, though I’m editing my draft as I go. I should still be on track to have my final draft ready sometime in the early summer.

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