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April 20, 2016

I’ve been a little busier lately. That means I’ve done a whole bunch of interviews, but it also means I haven’t had much time to transcribe.

I’ve got about fifteen hours of interviews to transcribe, and I’ll likely add to that total before I zero out. The good news is these interviews don’t take nearly as long to transcribe as older ones. The main reason for that is, simply, I’m not getting as much out of these interviews anymore. The people I’m talking to are a bit more peripheral to the story anyway, and I’ve done so much research to this point that it’s becoming redundant. I only need to actually transcribe a) what’s relevant to the story and b) what I don’t already have (unless of course they’re adding some details or other flourishes to a story I’ve already heard). I still have to listen to the whole thing, but I can speed up most of it until I get to the pieces I’ll be using. So whereas a 60-minute interview conducted a few years ago might have taken me two hours to transcribe (I probably slowed it down to play at 80% speed and then transcribed every single word), an interview of similar length that I conducted this past week might take me only 45 minutes or so to transcribe.

It’s boring to write about transcribing, but it’s even more boring to actually do it (which is why I’m procrastinating by writing about it). I still have a few interviews to conduct, but they’re mostly with the flakiest people I have left, so I don’t know exactly when those will happen. I’m just about at a point where I’m going to start pursuing a publisher, though, so that’ll be fun.

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