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Falling behind and lurching forward

May 29, 2016

I’m all caught up on transcribing, but I’ve fallen a little behind on working that transcribed material into my draft. I’ve got 17 interviews to process, with a handful more on the horizon.

But that’ll all work itself out. It’s a very linear exercise. Ditto (mostly) for the new bits I need to write (a lot of which is just pulling from those aforementioned to-be-transcribed interviews). And even though I still have some additional interviews to do, I’m beginning my search for an agent this week.

I have no idea how that works, exactly, and I’m not really sure where to even start. But once I find the representation that suits me, I expect some sort of deadline won’t be far behind. I’ve put this off for a very long time, knowing how dependent my timeline is on other people’s availability and ability to follow through. But I feel like I’m far enough along now that I can conform to an external deadline. At this point, I probably can’t even schedule a large portion of the remaining interviews without such a deadline. Some folks are evasive when you tell them you can do the interview any time but a little more urgent about it when there’s a defined window of time.

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