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Multimedia Samples

Athens Bands in Austin
For Flagpole, I put together a podcast about some of the local bands heading to Austin for South by Southwest.

PSU’s music festivals failing
This is a radio commentary I did for WPSU (State College’s NPR affiliate), which I adapted from a column I had written the week before.

The Fall and Rise of Chronic Town
The first part of a three-part series on State College’s favorite hookah lounge, this video examines the catastrophe that befell Chronic Town and the owner’s plan to revive it.

The Many Hats of Jeff VanFossan
The second part of the Chronic Town series takes a look at what else owner Jeff VanFossan has on his plate, in addition to running the hookah lounge.

Since U Been Gone
The final installment looks at the impact Chronic Town has on the local community and what kind of void it left after shutting down.

Matthew Jude Whittle
This slideshow+interview delves into the creative motivations of musician Matthew Jude Whittle.

The State College Music Scene
State College is known for many things, but music isn’t usually one of them. Still, the central Pennsylvanian hamlet has some things to offer.

A Night of Music at Schlow Library
Schlow Library hosts a variety of unconventional musicians at its regular shows, the sort that fit in a library but still feel otherworldly.

A Rita’s Adventure
As a rite of passage before graduating college, Philip Levitsky and a few friends sojourned to a dozen and a half southeastern Pennsylvania Rita’s locations on the first day of spring, taking full advantage of the water ice vendor’s annual giveaway.

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